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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Chuckanut 50K

13th Annual Chuckanut Mountain 50 Km. Trail Run
Saturday, March 19, 2005 - 8:00AM
2005 Race Info!

The largest field ever ran the Chuckanut 50k on Saturday. The weather cooperated by holding off on any serious rain until later in the day. Results and pictures will be posted soon. Dean Taylor has provided the first batch of pictures of the race. Check back, more photos and reports will be posted as they are recieved.
Top 30
Chuckanut Mountain 50KM Run
Bellingham, WA
Distance 31.05 Miles
March 19, 2005

Place Finish Time Race # Name Age Gender
1 3:42:59 1 Uli Steidl 32 M
2 3:53:49 286 Phil Kochik 26 M
3 3:58:16 119 Shawn Miller 25 M
4 4:06:15 115 Brian Morrison 26 M
5 4:06:58 147 Hal Koerner 29 M
6 4:09:18 51 Matt Simms 36 M
7 4:09:50 174 Jacob Hartsoch 30 M
8 4:13:26 222 Bryan Dayton 31 M
9 4:14:08 32 Ian Torrence 32 M
10 4:15:15 88 Todd Pehowski 37 M
11 4:24:05 155 Scott Jurek 31 M
12 4:28:09 105 Sander Nelson 38 M
13 4:30:10 91 Robert Palmquist 21 M
14 4:31:20 30 Scott Tucker 42 M
15 4:31:21 175 Timothy Halder 31 M
16 4:34:05 277 Justin Angle 30 M
17 4:38:54 283 Larry Abraham 55 M
18 4:44:27 136 Ron Linton 43 M
19 4:44:32 63 Eric Sach 36 M
20 4:44:44 238 Sean Clark 36 M
21 4:45:45 75 Craig Ralstin 45 M
22 4:46:26 165 Kevin Holland 39 M
23 4:49:50 21 James Varner 27 M
24 4:49:51 234 Tony Covarrubias 44 M
25 4:49:52 108 Kevin Myers 46 M
26 4:50:31 66 Trish Rosenberg F
27 4:51:33 144 Kendall Kreft 45 M
28 4:54:46 254 Kendra Borgmann 36 F
29 4:55:21 229 Charles Crompton 57 M
30 4:56:14 215 Chuck DNFoley 49 M

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The Jackal said...

Taken fron P.I.H. website(chatline)
Posted by mellow...

This will be fairly short. I'll let the other Chuckanutters add details.

Off from Vic. was Adrienne, Dan, and myself. Picked up race pack. on Friday at Fairhaven runners the day before. Pleasant little area, kinda of touristy.

Pasta dinner.
Bed by 9pm, did sleep well Adrienne and I, we think there was some kind of soliciting next door to our room which ended up in a huge yelling match at 12:45am.

I had ear plugs, didn't hear it. Restless sleep though.

Off for a cafe in the morning at the Starbucks drive through, slooooooow and complicated!

Race parking lot by 6:50am fills up quick so we were Pellow early of course!

Dan connected with some email buddies, I checked out the competition, just kidding. Only person I recognized was Scott Jurek.

Cloudy not raining away we go.

Fist 10K is flat on a gravel path. I see Adrienne way ahead, she must be excited.

I take it easy, maybe run 50 min first 10K. In this kinda of race when you never been before, I always say to myself when the running is good you must RUN! When there is a b@st@rd of a hill it will sloooow you down. So that's basically what I did all day.

Chatted with many runners American,a guy from Barcelona Spain, Russian lady, young lady 21yrs from Bellingham area.

Fast forward to the last 6 miles (Oh my I am talking miles!) this is where it is exciting. I pass Russian lady who is running the Grand Slam 100 mile ultra events. She is walking/running on the last 10K. I know she is toast, I am cruising in the last 10K. Advice from Rob Smith said " save something for the last 10K" I did, and have left nice Russian lady behind.

2 miles, I hate miles b/c they feel like so f***ing looong! Anyways see another lady. She looks tired. I am closing. Oh sh!t we are in the park. I am on her ass. I sprint the last 100m with her. Funny picture I am sure, one I am not a sprinter or do I have fast finishing legs, two I just ran 50K up a mtn. Anyways the crowd goes wild, I finish on her shoulder, behind by 1/2 sec.

I give her a hug and congratulate her!

I have learnt a couple things in the short time I have been doing ultras:

1. Train according to you, that is do what you think will prepare YOU for the course.

2. Save something for the last 1/3rd 1/4 or whatever it may be, this way you can pass many people.

3. I feel better each time I finish, getting faster, therefore I feel I can run harder longer during these 50K's.

So I eat a little, change and cheer in Dan, Adrienne.

First Male OA Uli Steidl 3:43 AMAZING!!!!
First Female OA Trish ? 4:51

Lindsay Pellow 5:20 maybe 10th or 11 female OA.
Dan Fraser 5:59 very happy to break 6 hrs!!!
Adrienne Gnidec 6:19 2nd in the F50,faster than she expected.

We will be back next year to all have PBs!!