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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Pam Reed continued...

Pam Reed crosses the finish line after running 300 miles nonstop
Tucsonan Pam Reed took more than three days, but she ran 300 miles nonstop. She finished this afternoon at 1:57 - three minutes short of 80 hours.

Reed, whose autobiography "One Foot Forward" will be published soon, was tired but not suffering from exhaustion after her trek. She was being taken to Northwest Hospital to receive fluids intravenously because she was dehydrated.

Sunburnt and sporting badly chapped lips, she chatted with supporters and the press for 15 minutes after the run.

Reed was featured last night on "60 minutes" with her long-distance rival, Dean Karnazes.

It was the failure of Karnazes to negotiate a sleepless 300-mile run that was a main catalyst for Reed's weekend run. Karnazes, who quit his run after 262 miles, told the Citizen he might have been able to do it if he ran a flat course like Reed. His course was partly in the hills of northern California.

Reed ran the 25 miles from Marana to Picacho Peak and back six times.

She was joined toward the end of the race by two of her sons, Jackson and Andrew.


Dr.Jon said...

So 80 hours is 4800 minutes. 300 miles in 80 hours constitutes a pace of 16 mins/mile.

When you think about average walking speed, does that really constitute 'running' as they put it in the article? Or is it just more a tremendous feat of endurance?

I have to ask, not taking anything away from her performance. It is a fantastic achievement however you look at it.

The Jackal said...

I was thinking that myself, she probably had some serious bad patches out there, plus some solid running sections.
I am sure she didn't factor in the sleep deprevastion factor.
If you ask her in a few days she will probably say that she failed....
Very few people can really understand what drives people to do these things, even fewer people actually know what went down there in AZ.