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Monday, June 12, 2006

Edge to Edge Marathon. B.C.

Congratulations to Brian Tasaka for taking over, and putting on a first class event!
This was the seventh E2E Marathon.....

My race was over relatively quickly and painlessly.

We had a section of Chesterman beach, hard packed and very flat sand, a weird sensation in the first 5K of a Marathon, but not a reason for slowing down. By then I had caught up with my pal RJ, from then I had Janet Green to target. I gradually closed in on her for the next 15K or so, Along with the Marathon, and 1/2 M there was also a M Relay. The relay teams were very supportive to us full Marathoners and I think we all benefited by there enthusiasm and friskiness, I managed to finish the 42K in 3:48:50
As the Jackalmobile rolled out of Ucluellet I caught glimpses of the tail end of the field and the walking wounded.
This was my first Marathon in ages and I am happy with my result on Sunday, and very happy that Norma and I could celebrate our 25th.Wedding anniversary for me and Ms.J. we had a real hoot at the Tauka Lea resort and Spa in Ucluellet B.C.
We saw Long Beach and the surfers, and had a couple of gourmet meals while we were our there celebrating.
I even had to put on dress pant and my smartest bandanna for one meal!

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