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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Victoria To Duncan run

I had made arrangements to visit a friend in Duncan, and after my January 28th. run to Mill Bay run the only thing that was bothering me was the bloody highway section...


Thankfully, with Ron's "local knowledge",I was able to run the whole way without having to run along the side of "that" road (heck, I don't even like it in a car!). I was dreading the shards of glass, broken truck tires,Lucky Lager cans, dirt, fumes and bemused and belligerent drivers.
My morning started serenely enough at 5:30 when I awoke, had my breakfast and checked the chatline.


Six o'clock was my start time for the Brentwood Bay ferry.
Armed and dressed with my trusty headlight,Camel-Bak,wobble-cam,and my H2H long sleeved tech. jacket, campaign shorts(with deep pockets for my wallet.)and favorite bandanna, I set out for the Lochside trail and the Red (gray) Barn.From there I hung a left up towards Stelleys and the Ferry.(2:00:35) I stopped my chronometer, and had to wait 40 minutes for the boat.(foot passenger fare $5.15c), the Ferry guy saw my headlight and shorts and asked me where was my bike!
Arriving on the Mill Bay Rd., I hoofed it to Brentwood Academy for young people with money.
Then on past the fire hall to the end of the lane, where a trail leads you by the "Big Rd." immediately onto Church Way then Kilmalu, on to Telegraph Rd.

(Click for enlargement)
View back towards the Malahat from Kilmalu

Farm Land off Telegraph Rd.

Ron forgot to inform me of the rolling nature of the land in those part, still the scenery was very pleasant. I ran past the Arbutus Ridge complex, various wineries and farms . I eventually came back to the shoreline at Cowichan Bay. What a nice little resort town...
Coming in to Cowichan Bay

Past the Mills and industrial stuff over the Cowichan river a few times until I hit the choice of Cow Bay or Tzouhalem Rd. I took Tzouhalem Rd.,I can see why the Cowichan tribe consider the mountain sacred, it really does look majestic and wonderous from that level, down in the flood plain of the river.
As for the dogs, I saw a few 80-100Lb. specimens that thankfully were tethered down. They mouthed a couple of half assed growls, but "they" did not feel threatened....
Basset farm

I started to recognize sights from my past,the native cemetery near Basset Farm then I knew I had to start looking out for a turn onto Jaynes Rd that leads into Lakes Rd and my final destination on Wicks Rd.
I made it bang on time @ 12:30, had my visit, hung out for about an hour with my friend, went for a long walk with him while we talked at length about running as he remembered it, from the "old days".
Me and my pal

Then I ran off for the Trunk Rd. crossing of the "Big Rd.", onto the Duncan Station.I whiled away a couple of hours at the Craig Street brew pub.

Duncan Station
The train
Shawnigan Lake

Made the 16:00 E&N back to Victoria($14.50c the guy gave me the seniors rate!)
The Inner Harbour

11.5 hours later, happy and with 5:38:25 of running on my clock, a few beers, a plate of fries and two litres of Gatorade under my belt. Plus 55K of road under my shoes.



CGP said...

Glad you are keeping in touch with Al. How did he seem yesterday?


The Jackal said...

He was a little bit shy of me, but we got outside and the sun shone.
I'll probably do that run again soon.
It was a real nice feeling to be running up there.