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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Friday's runs

Well into day two of my weekly four day weekend, and I have arranged to run with Martin and Caroline on Mt. Doug.
Two o'clock was when I had to meet Martin on Harvest Lane, and two thirty, Caroline at the big lot near the washrooms.
I wanted about two hours for my quota for Friday, so I set out early,to get in 40 minutes or so before the cavalry assault on the mount...
My first run was down to the beach at Mt.Douglas Park.

Then I swung around and over the little Mount and back to pick up Martin.

He is training for the TC10K and has started to extend his runs over the hour mark to build some stamina.
We worked around the mercer side to the saddle then down to the resort and the fire road into the big lot.

Caroline was just coming in as we arived and withiout more than a moments pause, we headed back to the hill.
Third time for me, second time for Martin and fresh legs for the girl.

The three of us headed once again up, after a little traversing..
We hit the antenna summit in pretty short order, then headed down Glendenning and ended up taking the wrong turn and got dumped onto Blenkinsop...
I checked the clock and figured, with what we wanted to run and what we had each already done,a quick tour of Loebrunner Park and back the way we came would do it.
That we did. Depositing Martin at his exit point, Caroline and I continued to where I took my leave.

Caroline legged it home along Cedar hill road, solo.
Mission accomplished, it's all good!