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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Layritz Trail Pursuit

Today was the second running of the 8.8K two looper of the Layritz park/Camosun & Markham trail system.
This race is different from most others as it is age handicapped.
The oldest go first.

I ran from my home , via Emily Carr and the Bog to Mann Ave. and the race.
I arrived 40 minutes early so I checked out some of the course markings.
Adam did a great job of setting out the course and explaining the small change in the route.
We had to run two laps and then finish with a, once around the baseball diamonds to make up the distance.
I am still a little sore from last weeks fall , when I banged my knee.
I got in my ten hours, with 13 minute extra on my week long chrono.
I did a 16 minute warm-up which put me into overtime!
I Love This Sport!(ILTS)

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adam said...

good video carlos. thanks for coming. do you have any pictures you could email me? adam at raceweb dot ca