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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mt.Work Sunday

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Today I needed two hours to make my ten for the week, so I jumped at the chance of doing one of my favourite hill trails.

Lara wanted to do Mt.Work,(85 seconds walk from her house.) to Ross Durance parking locked and back.One hour 50 to 2 hours she figured...

It was hilarious, we ran through a group af tourist hikers, and on of the younger male hikers said, "aren't you supposed to walk these trails?"

On the way back, on one of the final assents to the summit we met them again, I said to Lara, when we pass that dude on the hill we should say to him,"aren't you supposed to be running these trails?"

Two hours was our target but we were a little quicker than that, I clocked, with stop times,1:38...

Thanks Lara and Java for getting me out, and up, there!

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