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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Mt.Wells club run 2007

Lots of fun today with the Harriers.
I was feeling kind of lazy so I apointed myself caboose party coordinator.
There were various groups today, Moops, Danimal, BCC,Twisted,Lara,Scriv,Jackal,and Ellie in one extended party.
Dan in the front with Moops and the faster fillies,Ellie and I swinging along at the back.
The Hikers were Hipster,Crazy Canuck, Suejay, Pete , Andy, and Tea. She was there with a little golden dog, Sandster must have arrived late as I only saw her at the finish.
Beautiful views of the reservoir, Langford Lake, Mt.Finlayson, out to Sooke and back to Victoria.
Thanks Dr.H and the gang for a great morning.

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