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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Juan de Fuca 5 hour run movie

Well we made it back, after a very enjoyable jaunt on the top end of the JDFT.
Paul, Elaine, Charlie and I ,plus our gear piled into the Jackalmobile and made our way to Port Renfrew, stopping at Sooke for breakfast then heading to Parkinson Creek trailhead to leave our stash of food and drinks, with a plan to make that our turn around after 2.5 hours.
We got there with time to spare. (10 minutes or so.)
Not feeling any real compulsion to kick out ten more minutes after the break we had a seven minute stop, while Paul and I proceeded to demolish our supplies.Elaine watch on in amazement!
She drank but did not eat...
We headed back along the beautiful coast, popping out here and there onto some of the less easily accessible beaches, Elaine was not too happy walking on the wet log bridges but she did real good on the runnable sections.
We met many hiker-types, and they were all very pleasant.
The views of the breakers the constant sound of either the waves, the rushing Creeks, and of Paul and I yapping the whole time, kept Charlie and Elaine going, through the mud the blood and the beer!(just kidding about the blood and the beer, that came afterwards.)I slipped over a couple of time, falling quite heavily once, luckily I landed on my wallet, not my bony ass.
On the drive home, we stopped at the 17 Mile house for more food.We entered a draw to win a chain saw in the Pub, I feel lucky!
We dropped Charlie and Elaine off home by 6:30ish.
Mission accomplished.

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