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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mt.Newton and Central Saanich

So my solo run started at 8 with a quick scan of the beach, then the steady climb, over the ridge at Mitchell's farm down to the Barn Market then over the 17 to central Saanich Rd.
Saw a beautiful horse in a field, swung past the pub and on to Thompson Rd. and the access to the Mt.Newton Trails.Worked my way up to the big golf ball, the radar mast and the lookout platform.290+ metres above.(Higher than Mt.Doug)
Coming back I took the Dean Park exit trail and ended up back on Central Saanich. saw a mare and foal.(very cute!)
Crossed the Highway at Island View Rd. and headed back to the beach.
Rode my scooter back to see the "Wheels in Motion" tour.
Three hours of running.Two beers at the JBI and a plate of fries.

Nice day!

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