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Sunday, July 29, 2007


So we are all done. 5 souls started 5 finished.
Bob Wall, Isao Hirayama,Jeff Hunt,Caroline Goluza ,and Me.

Bob, Isao and Jeff took off and , after a little bit of reorientation and re grouping,took off again leaving Caroline Isao and me as the caboose. After some beach walking on Bear Beach and some ankle wading on Sombrio , we were all well and working our way to Botanical Beach and the ride back. We had a happy time even though we had to deal with a lot of deepish mud. I have never run it that muddy. The lads,Jeff and Bob ran the whole trail in 7:55 We did it in 9:32. No major injuries, many wonderful views,I waded through the Sombria river up to my hips and fried my camera! (time for an upgrade.)

This trail is a real character builder, a "must do", at least once a year. Thanks Isao and Norma for doing all the driving.

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