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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Pure Foolishness Run.

Submitted by laddie
Yes, a fantastic day had by all, no doubt with such great inspiration and simply a beautiful day. As usual Carolyn was so strong and fast, she came in a full 7 minutes quicker than us - the time was gained from Mt. Seymour road into Deep Cove. As you can see Carlos was filming so we made sure to stick together to the end and ... on our way to the finish (the unofficial KneeKnacker chute into Deep cove which I insisted we must do), we came across a marriage proposal from a couple on the bench alongside the trail. Both of us caught this out of the corner of our eyes as we passed and commented on this split second "catch". It was fantastic being out on the trails again and seeing everyone.. how you managed anywhere from 1.5 to 4 passes of this route is a mystery to me:) Thanks Carolyn and Carlos for your company - was great seeing everyone out there reaching for their running goals... To the two "fools" out there posting another "flash" event, our hats off to you! Have a great week everyone:):):)

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