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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Five hour trail run

So Rider Java Danimal and Jackal set off from Ma Millers heading for Mt. Finlayson and the GT.
After a brief tour of the enchanting Goldstream Park trails the intrepid group crossed the Highway and headed up.
This was the last time we saw the flying filly and her hound..."
They were waiting for us at the top of the "Big Hill" we regrouped and headed down the back trail to F.A.Rd. heading along the fire road to Caleb Pike and the Gowlland Tod Provincial Park.
Danny and I were testing out out long distance running, Rider had a slightly different plan, so after a loop of the scenic trail round Jocelyn Hill we headed for Timberman Trail and parts beyond, she and Java took the bypass trail back, with a plan to hook up with Prospectors Trail and the group Campground and her Volvo.
As far as we know she did fine as when we got back to the Pub her car had gone.
I felt good to be running over distance again, Danimal and I both though of it as a valuable training run.I have the Great Walk (40 miles of logging Rd.) soon he is still looking for a long race, maybe White River...
Rider has her sights firmly set on the "Sayward Challenge".
We Love This Sport!

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