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Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Great Walk 2008

So I did it again, Brad Holmes of Namaimo won it in 6:00:00 I was second in 6:18:00, faster than last year for me by 18 minutes. I'm happy with that, but sad that there were so few of us out there... The conditions of the road and the weather were ideal this year. The organizers should get their act together and add the words .....and Ultramarathon" to their name and then maybe more runners would do it. The Great Lake Walk & Ultramarathon did this and their numbers keep on rising. Brad was waering his CFA Black shirt.

Ean Jackson

One of my first "adventure" runs
Submitted by Ean Jackson on 11 June, 2008 - 19:28.
This is a very cool run. I remember the first time I did it, I thought I'd breeze through and set the course record. Not. Steve King must have been on EPO when he ran it. It will be tough to beat his time. I found the aid stations to be a lot of fun... nobody there, or if they were, they had some water and a thing of corn starch that you were supposed to put in your boots. Super friendly people. The walkers and runners are their entertainment. When someone found out my wife and I planned to camp out, they chucked us a set of keys and said, "Here, take my house." Seriously! Do they still have the air horn at 4:00 am to wake you up? The tuba player at the start? The last year I ran it, I was first to cross the finish. The fire engine escorted me through Thasis to the actual finish. That was very cool. 3 dogs and a couple of enthusiastic volunteers at the finish. I think I still own the course record for the longest Great Walk. I finished then turned around and ran back to the start to get my car. Then drove back to the finish to get my "Burning Boot" award. Jackson gives it five stars! *****
Submitted by David Crerar
Great run, movie and music. This is now firmly on the to-do list. THANKS.

You know...this is what started it all...
Submitted by mudrunner on 11 June, 2008 - 14:49.
...many moons ago, my mother & her buddies decided to put their respective hiking skills to the test & walk this event. My mother...ever the curious one...decided to start running the course & see how far could go. She finished, licked her wounds (with wine & hot tub)& decided to explore this "running thing" by training for the Sun Run. She then convinced me that running was fun. But it goes to show you...ultrarunning is a genetic thing. I agree, Carlos, they should add "Ultrarun" to the name, but do you think that the town of Gold Bridge could supply enough beer a group of Fat Asses?

It's the Spartree Inn at Tahsis that needs to open early , This year they opened at 11:00, last year I had to wake the place up, they weren't going to open till noon!


Submitted by Homer W Holmes
What a beautiful run the road and weather was perfect, you are right about adding the Ultra label, are you doing the night run at Squamish ! I saw three bears on my run it cost me 10 min in time , hope all is well ! Cheers Brad

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