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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The GLW the movie

The day started for me at 3:00, with pulling down My tent.
I had been moved on the previous afternoon by an official from the town of Lake Cowichan. He told me to set up at the Lakeview Campground. Good plan as it was just 1K from the finish, and where we were getting the shuttle bus to Youbou.
Other than a few noisy campers, and a latenight, very noisy, powerboat,I slept quite well.
The race started with the singing of "Oh Canada", as always, and a quick plunge into the darkness, followed by about an hour of headlight use.
My buddie Brad did not have a light, so he hung with me for a while, then he jilted me for a cuter running partner a little further up the "Conga line", possibly a bad move...I hauled him in at the 52K mark.
There were a whole slew of fast fillies there this year! Nice,but...Their pacing was all over the map, (this could have been his Down fall.)
I was. Beaten by three of them,finishing in a time of 6 hours.
I highly recommend this event for aspiring Ultra runners.
Great support from the whole community, and very convenient for Victorians.


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ladysmithtrigal said...

Hey Jackel,

"Congratulations on another great ultra!" I had to miss it this year because of a injury.. :( Glad to hear there are alot more girls in this event he he... Well rest up and I hope to see you soon one day!