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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Elk Beaver 2009 (Feb update)

Kami Semick World class Ultra runner.(not confirmed)

We now have the online registration set up, thanks to Bob and Sylvan for that. Now I have to deal with the logistics involved in getting it all done without putting oneself or others through the wringer!

Rick and Wendy

The first timers marathon and the 50 miler upgrade to National Championships has added a whole new dimension to the otherwise purists form of human endeavor.

Over Distance Running.

Geoff Palmer

I'm hopeful that the 50K will be a hometown sprint finish and that the 100K goes to a Vet.

Now if only I could run a decent 50K myself, the world would be perfect!
Feel free to add your comments, this is definitely an un-official site for this noble event.

Keep up the "hours" on the feet...

Christine and me


Killaine said...

I'm intrigued by your "do you tape your feet" poll. I started taping a few years ago as a last resort while training for KKNSTR. After spending a fortune on orthotics, and after much time at physio, I finally told my physiotherapist it wasn't helping and I wouldn't be able to run the race it if she couldn't find something to help. Reluctantly she showed me how to tape my feet. It made them so so happy! Years later, it remains that the only way I can run long distances is by taping my feet. Plain and simple, no tape, no long runs. I should be a Leukotape spokesperson!

The Jackal said...

I haven't tried it my self.
I voted for "if it ain't bust..."
Nice to hear from you , by the way.
Happy trails!