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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Elk Beaver Letter

Elk Beaver letter to all participants.
In an effort to make this year's race run smoothly, and to offer the best experience possible, I have listed a few guidelines.
1) All runners should announce their bib number as they pass the timing table.Plus the number should be clearly seen.
2) Every runner has to pass the timing table on every lap, even if they don't intend to stop for refreshments.
3)Spectators and family should not crowd the timekeepers.
4)The food will be set up under the covered shelter away from the start/finish line.
5)The "Marathoners" will do an out and back on the first lap on the west side of the lake trail then continue counterclockwise for the remainder of the race.
6) The 50 Milers will similarly do an out and back at the beginning of the measured distance then continue counter clockwise for the rest of their race.Pacers will not be allowed for the 50Mile race.(for the other distances it is OK)

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