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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Taper time...

Today I had a very pleasant run with a friend of mine called Wendy.
She was recruiting some company for an hour run on Mt.Doug.
I haven't run with her for ages, mainly because I need hours on my feet and she needs speed.

She is not much of a trail runner, and slows up big time when the trail gets the slightest bit technical...
Consequently there were times when I would be talking away to her and then I would be on my own!

She would always catch up with me when the trails opened up.
I tried to see how she did on the open trail, but up-hill.
She whipped my lame ass!

Still, as I am officially on my taper for a 50 mile race, I don't mind too much.
I now have six days to think about running for 10 hours in one day.
When it gets round to start time, I am going to be like a relapsed endorphin addict getting his first fix in an age.(6 days)

ILTS! (I Love This Sport)

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