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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Lessons learned...

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Having recently spent a whole day running in the desert, competing in a 100 mile Ultramarathon. I have had ample opportunities to focus in on myself...

No, even though I had it in the pocket of my Camelbak. I needed to stay alert and listen to my body, not a 5 hour "Grateful Dead" podcast.
No, I had water and S'caps.
Sports drink can really mess up you stomach over a long period of time.Besides I had the chance of guzzleing sports drink at each aide station.
Vitamin I?
Yes, but only on a timed basis.
In 24 hours of running, pain is inevitable.
Dosage for me, a lightweight, (and someone who does not us it for training or recovery) was one round one before the start, then one every 6 hours.(5 in total.)
No, I needed my hands relaxed and free for eating and camera work.
Timed walk breaks?
No, I would let the course and the eating, determine when I walked.(As my buddy Karl Jensen says, walk early and often).
Even splits?
No, the heat of the day forced me to pace it up, while it was cool and to respect the heat and dial it back, when it was too hot.
I had my timer set for every 20 minutes to remind myself to drink water...

Post race recovery.

What to do first...
Get out of the sun and get cleaned up & stay horizontal.
My legs were too sore for active rest, so Ms..J had to do a fair bit of "shlepping".
Re-hydration included, milk,egg-nog,San Pelegrino (water).
Food consisted of cottage cheese,hard boiled eggs,chicken tika,basically as much protein as I could safely keep down.
Nothing came back, but I was eating half a meal every three hours or so.
24 hours later I drank a pint of bottled Guinness, and was pain free enough to walk.
I am still having trouble with my breathing, but that I think is more due to enforced inactivity and mild dehydration than anything else.

Things I will do better next time...
Keep drinking every 20 minutes.
Keep a little more active after the trauma, and breathe deeper.
I had been semi-comatose for too long
24 hours should have been long enough before moving my legs again!

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