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Saturday, January 09, 2010

9-1-10 Started the weekly reports

My ride Monday to Wednesday for thirty hours of home visits. I am a community health worker.

Spin class
Me and Graeme running in the TC10K last year.

Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday are my three work days.

I managed to do one hour of spin class at the Gym, 30 minutes of aerobic machines but that was about it, until Thursday.....

Yoga stretches, they help me a lot for my work as I am always squatting and stooping to help people get bathed and dressed.

Ran to the Gym about 12 minutes each way, first day off, for midday Yoga.
Then ran 2 hours, for my weekly run with Graeme.

Thursday was put to rest with 90 more minutes of low intensity Yoga with Ms.J. How could you have low intensity on an activity that does not make you sweat?
This was really low.

Our leader had us sitting on a stack of blanket, then we lay on the flood listening to our breath...
Loved it!

Friday was a eating and resting and regular Yoga day.

Today I ran 2.5 hours of flat "Rail to Trail", The Galloping Goose trail, all the way out to Thetis Lake park.

Left Kathleen my copy of
"Born to Run".(on her windsheald in a grocery bag, no note.)

I hope she got it.
More tomorrow when I run 4 hours, make a movie and run sweep in our clubs 8K road race...
ILTS!(I Love This Sport)

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