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Sunday, April 04, 2010

The "Spaghetti Tree" run, movie, and stuff...

After yet another wonderful CFA event, I am still none the wiser about where exactly to look for a Spaghetti Tree!

I know where to see some of the most awesome coastal views in the World, I now know six or seven more wonderful fun running people, and I am eternally grateful to the weather Gods who let us have our fun in mild calm and mostly sunny conditions.

The only thing that is keeping ALL my ducks from being nicely lined up is next week-ends trip to the Mainland...

I am pretty sure that George and Gail got my cheque by now, so it looks like I'm in for the DV.

Getting to Vancouver is a breeze, getting to the race well not so.

I am hereby officially, figuratively speaking, between a rock and a hard place, having paid for a race that I really want to do, and not having a good way of doing it...

I need a ride to the race.

I can probably get to a departure location in Van City, but the local transportation will probably not get me to the startline in time!

Here is the pitch.

Whos of yous could help me get to the race on time.

I have looked at the starers list and see some familiar names, but obviously I don't know of all the personal permutations in your lives.

If you can help out a friendly Jackal, please contact me @


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