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Saturday, May 01, 2010

"Elk/Beaver Ultramarathons" 2010 Report and results.

Elk/Beaver Ultras 2010

View of Beaver lake

The first Saturday in May is when the Ultramarathon runners congregate here in Victoria BC to show us their stuff.
Fifty athletes toed the line on a blustery rainy field in Saanich adjoining the Lake.

Our usual view,as runners, of Elli G.!

100 K
This was a popular distance this year, despite the fact that the Championship race was held in Edmonton.
The overall winner was young Ellie Greenwood.
She was fantastic, and kept a relentless pace going for 10 laps of this well maintained gravel and dirt lake trail. She has raised the bar, beating the woman's course record, up till now held by her mentor Wendy Montgomery! She also beat Kami Semick's 2009 world record!
Running at her pace she had the elite men in both the 50k and 100k to chase down. Her last hurdle for the O/A win, was her good friend and last year's winner Hassan Lotfi-Pour.
This she did on lap 10 in a textbook case of running perfection. Hassan (Despite having beating his last year's time), held on for second place. Sue Johnson was third running sub 10. Our local lad Brian finished his first 100K and is now hoping to run Tahoe Rim 100 miler.
The remaining trio, David Johnstone, Julie Flynn and Barb Owen all made the extended cut of 12 hours.

100 K Results
1 Ellie Greenwood 7:36:40 1st Female
2 Hasan Lotfi-Pour 7:43:04 1st Male
3 Suzanne Johnson 9:52:42 2nd Female
4 Brian Chapman 10:42:12 2nd Male
5 David Johnstone 11:12:37 3rd Male
6 Julie Flynn 11:22:26 3rd Female
7 Barb Owen 11:53:34

The 50k race was to provide us with this years Canadian national champions.
This was the race that I also competed in, so my memory of it is a little sketchy, as I was on the trail.
Our local 100K specialist, Darren Froese was the winner with Kieth Wakelin from the Comox Valley a few minutes behind.
Both master runners, showed the rest of us how it is done, and were both rightly happy with their performances.
Ultra runners tend to be older than the regular running demographic, but the trend recently has seen an injection of more multisport athletes.
The women's champion, an IM'er, and local runner, was Audrey Stibbe. Running in her 1st. Ultra, she showed devotion and strength that can only be attained through dedicated training.
I too was pleased with my run and was probably the happiest
person on that rainy feild, as we all set off to do what we had come to do. Having done most of the pre-race planning it was an incredibly relief to just running!

50 K results
1 Darren Froese 3:37:39 1st Male
2 Keith Wakelin 3:39:55 2nd Male
3 Matthias Shoeck 3:54:43 3rd Male
4 John Thompson 4:27:12
5 Audrey Stibbe 4:35:58 1st Female
6 Rainy Kent 4:46:18 2nd Female
7 Neil Rybak 4:47:28
8 Mark Vondrasek 4:47:28
9 Carlos Castillo 4:50:14
10 Jeanette Carlson 4:57:00 3rd Female
11 Sean Windrum 4:57:00
12 Andrew Pape-Salmon 4:59:27
13 Sandi Heal 4:59:42
14 James Griffin 5:11:50
15 Martin Kinnear 5:14:23
16 John Beebe 5:31:00
17 Ray Levasseur 5:33:54
18 Leah Strange 6:24:03

50 mile
The 50 miler was a low key event that as of the past few years has been won outright by a fast woman, normally on Championship years.
This year the race was won by a young man, who despite starting and missing his pre race briefing followed the metric distance runners and ran with the 50K and 100K competitors.
He was obliged to do his add on distance at the end of the 8 laps rather than at the beginning.
The womens contender was Jude Ultra, (her running alias) that is acceptable to me, as I often do the same.
Mike Macy and I shared most of the first five laps, running at a similar pace, then I finished my event with him still needing 3 more laps.
Our local lad Don did fine considering he has been injured and not been training too much lately.

50 mile results
1 Simon Wedel 7:10:34 1st Male
2 Jude Ultra 7:39:13 1st Female
3 Michael Macey 9:01:52 2nd Male
4 Donald Peterson 9:21:02 3rd Male
5 Patrick Charron 10:44:45
6 Yvonne Kemeny 10:45:48 2nd Female
7 Ashley Schiller 11:01:10 3rd Female

Don Peterson with one of his "handlers".

25 Mile Ultra Walk

Yesterday's Ultra walk is usually a two "horse race" was swelled to 4, by 4 last minute registrations.
The race was won by Peggy Anne Sherwood.
Peggy a veteran of many Marathons and hundreds of other races has been competing for close to 30 years.
Yesterday she walk her way to victory, beating out two previous years Ultra walk winners, and one newbie, Liz Forrest.

25 Mile Ultrawalk results
1 Peggy Ann Sherwood 5:37:52 1st
2 Jacquie Farris 6:11:10 2nd
3 Barb Bergstrom 6:23:47 3rd
4 Liz Forrest 7:08:45

"First Timers" Marathon

1 Martha McNeely 100 4:29:32 1st

The 42.2K run was won , uncontested , by Martha McNeely.
She beat Jacquie Farris in last years Ultra walk.
It has to be the 50K for Martha next time!

View on the high side of the trail

No race report should be completed without an honourable mention of those who for one reason or another started but could not finish.

Carlos Castillo. (RD )Island Runner Elk Beaver Ultramarathons.
May 2nd. 2010

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Love your reports, and especially your videos! I've met you at Frosty and Dv, and am so glad to find your blog. Keep up the great work!!