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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Scorched Sole Ultras 2010

The Scorched Sole 50 miler this year was a way tougher run than previous years.
Instead of a 20k romp up to the KVR then 40k of the basically flat, rail to trail corridor, then the decent to the start finish area, the course was redesigned to include a 2000m. mountain.
Little White was still snow covered at the summit, and was melting fast!
The lower trail were more like stream beds. The snowfields were "slurpee" consistency and with two rope ascents with the same two ropes for our return.
The summit was also the turn around for the 50k.
They didn't have to do the "dope on a rope" trick, that us 80k adventurers had to endure twice to complete OUR mission.
After we parted from them,we had the Okanagan Highland trail for another 90 minutes each way follower by a base rolling, logging road, 20k loop before climbing back up to the snowy heights of Little White.
On a scale of one to ten, last year's course rated a 6, this year's run was more like a 9.5!
Ellie Greenwood won the race OA beating me by more than three hours. She is red hot at the moment, winning almost all the races she enters "chicking" everyone. There was a fair number of DNF's this year.
Moral of the story....
Check for course changes and snow conditions. It would be akin to training and starting a half marathon, only to be told that your race had been upgraded to a full marathon.

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