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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Monty 2010

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Having spent zero time sleeping the night before, I got up at 4:30 and started doing all the stuff I had been thinking about all night.

Minimalism is me, and by the start of the day, I had at most eight people to guide through.
Mark was "Mr Monty" this year, he had come to run 50k.

Fortunately he had a buddie for the first leg, Jeff (the legend) Hunt from Timberman trail to Caleb Pike.
Unbeknownst to me Jeff had a plan to execute, which involved running 12.5k of the fabulous "Monty". Thanks Jeff for registering for your preview run, now you know the course.

After I sent them off, I had little to do till 11:00 when I was to start the "Mainland Invitational Challenge".
This year we had three. Reagan, Kate (a Saltspring island resident), and local lad, me.
We were planning to run together, but Kate had to buy body glide from the Running Room.
She told me to start without them and that they would catch me up.No problem...

I did a solo leg and got to Caleb Pike deciding to wait and see who came out of the bush...

Reagan appeared about ten minutes after, but no Kate.
He had taken the bypass trail on the main climb.
I think I missled him on the course description! He shaved three of the nicest kilometers off the run!

Kate popped out from the trail a few minutes later.

After a short refreshment break the happy trio set off, back to show Reagan what he had missed.
It was nice to finally have some company on the run back.
We laughed and joked all the way back, only managing to loose Kate just before the finish.
She had switched into her Vibrams by then and had managed to loose her way a little, adding on about three bonus K!
It's all good...

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