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Monday, August 30, 2010

Recovery From a scooter accident

(Click on images for detail...)

The accident happened almost two week ago and I managed to fracture my left shoulder.
The prognosis is good, and I should be back at work in a couple of months...
This news is freaking me out!
I cannot run for at least another month.
Needless to say I am seriously pissed off.

Being the active kind of guy that I am I started to figure out what I could do in these dog days of Summer, to keep stimulated physically,without harming the healing process.

Norma and I have two grown up sons living with us and the eldest, Carlos Jr., really needs to get off the computer!

I will try and get him out walking with me over the next few weeks.

These pictures we from todays walk.
The weather is due to change over the next few days.
More tomorrow.

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