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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Ultra list bio

Name:The Jackal
City/State/Country:BC Canada
Occupation:Community Health Worker
Birthplace:London England
Date of birth:24-8-51

Years running:17
Years running ultras:12
PRs:50 mile 6:48:XX ,100 Mi 26:45:XX

Shoes I run in:Any kind
Favorite running surface:Trails
Some ultras I have completed:Javelina100,Catalina 50 ,many BC 50K's,(Elk Beaver Ultras, all distances)
Ultra achievement I am most proud of:50 mi.PR @ the E/B 50mi.(I am now RD for the E/B Ultras)
Typical training week:10 hours of easy running.
Injury history:The usual aches and pains in the lower body.

Favorite ultra foods:Watermelon
Favorite ultra beverages:Gatorade
Things I like most about ultras:The trails
Things I hate most about ultras:The road sections
What got me started doing ultras:The challenges of endurance, control and efficiency.
Why I do ultras:To master these challenges.
Where I found out about the list:From a friend

Short-term ultra goal:To keep my 10 hours a week of running going indefinately
Long-term ultra goal:Train the same but race less.
Fantasy ultra goal:To win an age group ultra at age 80

Favorite ultra quote(s):
"Well there always used to be a trail here". heard numerous times from many friends, when bushwhacking.

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