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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Spaghetti Trees

This was my second running of the soon to be Spring "Classic".

Kate had managed to convince the weather Gods to shine on us.

I was running with four well prepared women, the nuclius of which was my Sunday long run group, plus one brave newbie to CFA and my group of "usual suspects".

Luckily we were all about the same pace so we could hang together well and there was little or no regrouping stops needed.

We did stop to see the old copper mine, the Island and ocean view at Iron Mine bay and we had a little wander around in the cabin at Cabin Point.

The trails had a fair amount of surface water, and in parts we were running either upstream or down stream.In one case we ran up and down the same stream as Elaine was taking the word "straight" to mean straight.... 'nuf said.

We all congrgated in the 17 mile House on the Sooke Rd. for beer food and prizes.

Yes prizes!

I was the First male finisher.(incidentally also the last " Long Course" finisher!)

I think you will see that we took full advantage of our brief window of opportunity.(weather wise...)


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