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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Europe trip 2012

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Europe 2012
Our trip started on the 25th January from Sidney airport, with a connecting flight from Vancouver to London Heathrow.

I was born in London sixty years ago and left there for Canada in 1981! My last trip back was five years ago. I retired from work one week into 2012 so this was the first time that I have had the chance to spend an extended period of time away.

My mother moved back to Valencia from London about ten years ago after my dad died. She has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and has a good support network that my brothers and I set up for her. They live in England and visit her about once a month. I felt a little "out of the loop" and was waiting for the chance to visit her for more that a few days, so was obliged to wait until my retirement to make this visit.

My mother has a property on the beach in Cullera, only thirty kilometers from Valencia, and an easy commute by public transport.

After a four day stopover in London, where we stayed with my older brother in the suburbs, we flew to Valencia.

In London Norma and I managed to get in some running.
I ran everyday for about an hour, with a couple of longer runs in nearby Richmond Park. Norma joined me for a few of these.
Typically she would start with me and then turn back after twenty or so minutes, whilst I would continue.

Cullera Spain

We settled in on the 8th. floor apartment of mum's summer flat and soon found the nearest supermarket for our essential supplies...
Food,bread and wine!
Our mornings start with the sunrise at 8:00am , when typically I would go out for a one to two hour jog along the beach.

We are situated on a rocky pennisula with a good flat 5K beach to the South of us, and an endless beach to the North.(at least 12K).

The North beach run is for me, when I need to log the long flat runs, perfect training for my 50K race at Elk/Beaver this May.
The South beach is shorter but Norma prefers it as there is virtually no pavement running before you hit the sand.
The third run that I do is a mountainous "goat"trail behind the beaches.
A ridge line that stretches from El Faro to the Sanctuary above the old town of Cullera.This trail is my favourite, even though there are many hiking sections and a 10 minute stair climb up to the ridge.
Maximum elevation of 250 meters, it is about the same height as Mt.Douglas back home.

To be continued...

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