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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spaghetti Trees Flash event!

Dear trail runners, Firstly,I hope your season of training and racing is going well, and that no nagging injuries are preventing you from joy of the trails. Secondly,I am announcing that a second harvest of spaghetti will take place on the 9th.June, This Flash event is mainly for locals, but if there is interest from the Mainland,I am proposing: Saturday, 9th. June 2012 at noon (mid-day start allows ferry-takers time to get here and back again) East Sooke Regional Park near Victoria, BC Anderson Cove entrance. Carpooling should be arranged. It is the week before the Fluffy Bunny Feel free to contact me about bringing sherpa's to assist with the Harvest. They must be healthy and able to understand simple directions. Hope you can make it. Jackal.

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