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Monday, November 05, 2012

Message to a fellow Ultra-veteran...

How is it going?
Have you managed to get your body back?
I can really sympathize  with you and have managed to keep running through some major pains.
I am always semi-injured and have learnt to accept a much less ambitious "ultimate goal".
My goal now is to keep running and riding my bicycle into my eighties.
I very soon figured that I could not enjoy my retirement from work if I didn't 
run and ride 10 hours a week, year in year out.
Having managed to maintain this plan for the past four years, I felt, 
with the help and support of three running friends.I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed my
"jogging" lifestyle more.
I could write more but would like to hear back from you first so that I can know where YOU are at.

Me and Graeme my blind running friend.

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slehmann said...

I was lucky enough to run a loop of the lakes with Maurice Tarrant a couple of seasons ago. I remember him telling him- when I asked about how he'd managed to stay fit and fierce into his 80s - that "we don't stop running because we're old, we get old because we stop running".