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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

World Runner needs Canadian support

 Over the last eighteen months Phil Essam been helping Jesper Olsen
with his run around the world. His web site is He is
currently running up the west coast of America to Vancouver. He was going
to be running across Canada for a while and then heading back down to New

Due to his recent close call with American traffic he is wanting to run all
the way across Canada to the Atlantic Ocean. Here is part of his email.

- If you have time for it: Could you research the logistics (distance
between cities, allowed roads to run on, moutains/elevation, etc.) for an
alternative route keeping me in Canada all the way to the Atlantic Ocean ?
That would be MUCH appreaciated (I am definately not happy about the
prospect of running more km than needed in the u.s. ! Not a
pleasant/friendly experience at all).

Can you help at all with any ideas, suggestions or anything that he has
listed above? Is there any way that you can advertise for someone that might
be able to crew for him for part or all the distance across Canada? Any
help will be fantastic.....



The Jackal said...

He is running with a baby jogger for his equipment so paved would be preferable, I was thinking that he could retrace Al Howies epic run across Canada via the Trans Canada Highway all the way to Montreal then he could head down via Platsberg N.Y. to the big Apple.
John Remington could probably help with central Canada, re:- conections.
I live in Victoria which is a ferry ride from Vancouver.

Phil Essam said...

Thanks Carlos. You Canadians rock! I think Jesper is going to enjoy himself immensely in Canada!