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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Pam Reed

Reed, 44, is planning a 300-mile run. That's 300 miles without stopping to sleep. It's the latest goal for the woman many believe is one of the world's top ultramarathon athletes.

An ultramarathon is a race of more than 30 miles.

Reed will be talking about her sport and her life with Lesley Stahl on the March 27 edition of "60 Minutes" on CBS. The interview was completed recently in Reed's Tucson, Ariz., home.

"(Stahl) set up a studio in my living room," Reed said. "She was really neat. After she was done, about 10 p.m. the night she was there, she said 'I have got to get a picture of us.' I was so embarrassed. I don't think about these things, that I should take a photo while she was there.

"So my husband Jim got our camera out and took some pictures of us, too," Reed said.

Reed became known to distance running enthusiasts when she emerged from off the radar to capture the Badwater Marathon in 2002. The Badwater is one of the sport's ultimate events, a 125-mile trek from the depths of Death Valley halfway up Mount Whitney.

In her inaugural run, Reed scorched the field, winning the race by more than five hours over her nearest competitor, male or female. She won the race again in 2003, and took fourth in 2004 .

"That's how the '60 Minutes' piece came about. Lesley Stahl contacted me last April and said it sounded like an interesting story. So they came to Badwater and followed me and this year, I finished fourth," Reed said.

The "60 Minutes" piece will air Easter Sunday at about the time Reed hopes to finish her 300-mile run. She's going to do 24 12.5-mile loops on a certified course in Arizona, with a cadre of supporters tagging along to provide beverages and encouragement.