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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Fluffy Bunny trail 35K Port Moody B.C.

Just got back from Buntzen Lake after a very tough run.The run was billed as a 8K 15K 25K 35K trail run, and as it happened the longer one was extended to 43K after a lost trail! About 15 souls showed up at the parking lot of Buntzen Lake.The majority of runners ran the 15K and two of us set out for the longer run.The R.D. Geoff Palmer and I ran together so I didn't have to memorise the route, which was great! unfortunately the course was redirected the wrong way by a massive tree across a vital trail, so off we went 8K the wrong way up an adjoining peak (10,000 M) This run stared with most of the tougher stuff of the Diez Vistas, followed by a 6K joining Rd. to the N End of Buntzen , at which point we took the Dilly Dally Trail topping out at 1275 M Triangle Peak while we were going astray....I managed to slip and crack my head open with lots of blood! We had to double back from a wrong peak up a steep dead end trail only to have to double back and recrossing the boulder field again to find the right peak! all with a bloody face full of dust and sweat, it stopped bleeding after about 5 mins. so we just kept going, for another 5 hours! There were parts we had to climb almost vertically with hands feet and some strategically placed ropes! Still, we had seen a lot incredible view of Deep Cove , Indian Arm, and Burrard Inlet , views of far off downtown Vancouver allong with a heck of a lot of rocks, trees, and boulders, bear scat and one set of cougar prints, one crazy but good hikes who was way out there, he told us we were on a wrong, longer trail , than the main one, he was dead right!.
It was a real character builder that one!
Stats of this Fat Ass Event will be posted soon, but my take on it was-
13 runners set off on the shorter courses, everybody got home within 5 hour except .Geoff and I we ran the whole run together, after our adventures with mud, blood , sweat, but no tears; joint 1st. of 2 on the 43K extended Bunny! (8:19:14.) Ouch!
It is like two Kussams and a bit, but harder, apparently.....

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