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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Chuckanut 50K

What a great race, very well attended, and lots of great performances, I spent 4 hours running the trails on Chuckanut Mt. with a young friend of mine from Victoria.
I was keeping him back a little at the begining, and when he and I reached the ridge, he sucked me along with a little more vigor than I would have been able to muster without him.(Thanks Rob!)
When we got off the Mount, Rob took off on me and managed to pull out a 5 minute lead on me.
I was feeling good for the last eight Kilometer which were the same 8 that we had to run to get to the hump, so, in summery, 16K of wide gravel trail to and from, plus some technical trail, and some pretty fast downhill sections, and oh yes some long steady ups!

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