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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fluffy Bunny

Geoff and I were trail sweeps for the Diez Vistas add on, that is to say , after crossing the floating bridge, five of us and two hounds set off to check out the vistas!
Our pace was moderate to slow, and this suited us just fine , as we knew what the Bunny had in store for us, once we hit the Dilly Dally trail.
Super Dad and his daughter were long gone, but as we started climbing we noticed more and more discarded cloathing!(I was waiting for the shorts next!)
I mananged to scoop up those items.( If anyone of our intrepid bunch lost a browny-gray ball cap or a chinese red and orange bandanna, I will bring them to the Monty).I snagged some trash too, do I win?
Any how, back to the run report.We saw the sweat on the rocks from the previous runners SD & daughter, Doug and Ean had put it all out just before us, around the 3.5 hour mark we started to hear voices, (real voices) and by 4 hours we were all on, or past the top. that was about the only time that six of us fat assers were within yelling distance the whole day, at the top of the Dilly Dally @ 1250 metres.
The madness set in shortly after that.
We desended to Lindsay lake and headed off on a trail that looked vaugly familier, ran that for 20 mins. or so and then had some serious doubts about our progress towards Buntzen Lake and the finish......
We doubled back , we took another trail and ended up on Spahat ridge! A zip line would have been really handy at this point, as we could almost see Geoff car from 1000 metres up! To cut a long story a little, we trailed most of that area for about an hour before we bumped into Steve and Tania,(two non club members ) who had just come back from the lookout at Eagle rock.
They were going back to the car park so we tagged along with them.Thanks guy you saved us from another session of Bunny madness. We could have been up there all day!
As it was we were out for 8 hours and managed to make an Ultra marathon out of what should have been a 6- 7 hour speed hike.
On returning to our vehicle we noticed to our horror that Bunny Madness had struck the trio with hounds!
They should have been back hours before us as they did a variation of Ean and Doug's custom course.
We decided to give them 'till 19:00 hours before we were to report them as lost Bunnies .
They had taken a dip in the swimming hollow at Swan Falls and had a little snooze before wending there way back to the cars. What a slice.....
There were some superb performances out there, on guy did the 35K in 5 hours 40 minutes I think, and SD and his girl 6:10
Next year you and I will get it right , eh, Geoff?

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