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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mt.Landalt assault

What a day we had on Saturday, an 8 hour romp in the highlands behind Youbou.
Randy, Craig, FT and I hit the trail gate at 8:20 and within two minutes were hiking our asses off!
One hour of logging road, one hour to the trail head, one hour, to Lumis lake and one final hike to the top of one of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen!
From the lake, looking up and around us, we could see, Mt Service, El Capitan, and the one we came to bag....
The mighty Mt Landalt!(5000 ft.)
The view from the top was more than spectacular, it was close to Godly... man what a high!
The picture can be found @
The salmon, oysters, mussels, crackers and other stuff that RJ and his pal Craig lugged all the way up for our delight was the finest mid run snack I have ever had.
I think we all enjoyed 90% of our day in the wilderness.
From up there we could see Nanaimo, Vancouver,the Sooke hills,Mt. Aerosmith, Mt Quimper, Mt. Baker....
RJ, did I miss anything?
Oh yeah, FT and RJ met a black bear, 2K from the car.
Craig and I must have woke him up from his siesta as we raced each other back to the gate and the car.
(I Love This Sport!)

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