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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Al Howie's visit

Last night CGP,Ken Webb , another Ken (raw food),and I arranged to meet the E&N from Duncan.
Al was invited, by Harriers Joanne Cowan, to stay the W/E in her Goose-side B&B.(Cycle-inn)
I hadn't seen Al since the Harriers 8K, back in '99 I think, so I wasn't sure what to expect.
Yes he is thin, yes he still wears glasses. He and I talked at length about the days when he was one of the best Multi-day event runner in the World, and how he ran across Canada faster than anyone will ever do it again.(want to try?)
I also asked him if he was happy in Duncan....I think he would be way better off in Victoria.
I asked him if he would be my coach, and he said maybe.
He couldn't understand my half assed attempts to compete as an Ultra-marathoner. He always ran to win.
I explained that , although running, is the most important thing in my life at the moment, and that I was trying to do ten hours a week of running, I was still happy with my results.
He understood that I needed more hours to stay, in the low digits in the results, consistently.
I had to explain to him the JOY of running, over the need to win.
He was not convinced on that one, but, hey, he is old school and always will be.
Maybe I can win him over to my side of the fence.
I Love This Sport!
PS I took some pics. e'me at
and they're yours.
My geeky son is too busy playing "Lego Star Wars" to help me tonight!

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