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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Javelina 100 Miler 2006

Dear all,

I have survived my 2nd. 100 mile romp. I was 11 hours behind Karl Meltzer the winner. I placed 29th,in a time of 26:25:00. Yes, I saw two sunrises DURING MY RACE!"

At this moment, I am resting up in my hotel room in Scottsdale. I have been ordered to stay in bed and I will obey. Norma has been helping greatly with my recovery.Putting on my socks and shoes,bringing me milk, and eggs and yogurt,rubbing my sore muscles...,stuff like that. Tomorrow we drive to Santa Fe to see the pottery studio's. As long as I don't have to run all day in the desert again any time soon I'm game! Apart from a sore little toe my body held up real good, I burst the blood blister under the nail and now it's perfect.(I will maybe lose the nail, but it doesn't hurt anymore.)The coyotes were very noisy at sunset. That kind of kept me entertained for a while, conversing with my cousins (my nickname is Jackal), then the moon came out full and bright. Some of the runners didn't even bother with LED lights.(I have noticed that they work best in total darkness,but with that bright shiner, you could almost read the paper by the light of the moon. Cactus, stumpy shrubs, no trees of any size and 16% humidity, tarantulas,scorpions,rattlesnake and gofers,You wouldn't want to have a snooze out in the bush, not with so much going on. The run was almost secondary to the experience of being somewhere totally dry and unusual.(to me that is.) There were three aide stations, Tonto tank,Jackass Junction, and Javalina Headquaters. Each conveniently spaced 5 miles apart.on the 15.3 mile loop (we ran it 6 times in alternating directions plus a little extra section to make up the distance.)As for food, I used 2 full camelbaks of gatorade plus a hand held with water that I swoosher over my hat all day, and used it to wash down 8 power gels, They provided the potatoes, pretzels fruit, jelly beans, hot noodle soup, and at the main aide stating they had burgers and hot dogs for those that could stomach that kind of food and run.(not I.)

I have some neat photos from my disposable camera

Click on any picture for enlargement.


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