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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Harriers 8K

Today I decided to see where I stacked up in my new age category..
I am now in the 55-59 ,I can hardly believe it myself.
I had logged 9:30:00 so far this week so I thought that I could do my 8K to make up the time, feeling confident that I could do another 40 mins. I set off at the back of the pack to see who I could pick off.
36:33 was my time but that left me just shy of the ribbons.
Sad, yes I know, but I'm happy I can still run that fast!
Here are a few pictures I took.


Anonymous said...

Where was the whoop ! Sunday?

I even whooped for you!

The Jackal said...

Chris, I whooped till I couldn't whoop no more, I guess I musta been workin'!