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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mill Bay run

This morning @ 6 am.I set off for the Lochside trail, heading for the Brentwood Bay ferry.
I needed just over two hours to make my 10 hour target, and I figured that It was about 20K to the ferry by the route I had chosen.

I was at the Barn in 1:30:00, where I turned onto Island view Rd.
From there it was about 30 minutes to the terminal...

After the crossing I was about 500 meters from the turn around spot, waiting to see who would be in the lead...

Jim Finlayson was the first to appear, followed by the chase pack.
Bruce was there. so was Ian, Merm ,Mike and a solid bunch of fast runners.....

I took a whole bunch of pictures, most of them ended up on the cutting room floor, but I saved some of the better ones.
Enjoy them, I sure enjoyed seeing you all again.

Jim heading back...

The rest were working hard too!

Here are some more friends running.

After the race,Rachel and I got a ride home from the Timing Guy and his Gal, thanks pal!

Love Jackal.

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