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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Monty 2007 report

Here are the facts...
25K (course record held by Ludo 2:35:XX 2005)
1) HunterColeman MT.USA 2:39:XX
2) David Dennis BC Canada 2:49:XX
3) Ian Marshall WA.USA 2:54:XX
4) Simon Pearson BC Canada 3:03:XX
5) Ludo Clavier BC Canada DNF.(ankle injury.)

50K (course record Ludo 5:35:XX 2006)
1)Jennifer D'aoust BC Canada 6:22:XX
1) Stefan Samuelson Sweden 6:22:XX
3) Carlos Castillo BC Canada 6:58:XX
4) Gillian Hubble AZ.USA 7:10:XX
5)Laurie Tretter WA USA 9:27:XX
5)Kris Larsen MT.USA 9:27:XX

Big thanks to the support team of Gillian 's parents and boyfriend Erin, for manning the turn around, tending to Ludo and lending Stefan a watch.(he doesn't have one!) and for lending Jennifer the shirt off his back as hers was unsuitable for a 50K.(chafing issues with hydration straps.)
Also a big thank to David Dennis for driving Ludo for an X-ray and driving his bike home for him.
Great day great people.

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