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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Squamish "Brick" 2008

Day one
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Day two

The Squamish "Brick"
This past week-end Ms.J and I, went to Squamish to take part in a training camp over two days.
This kind of back-to-back session is know as a "Brick".
A group of "fatassers" had planned to run. The first part one day , and the second part the next.
This would be on a 50 mile course of an up coming race , the "Stormy 50 mile and 100 mile Ultra marathon".
I am registered to run the 100 miler so I figured that it would be an ideal chance to familiarise myself with the terrain.
That it was!
I ended up running my 10 hours per week of running in two days.

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