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Sunday, July 06, 2008

JDFT out and back

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So it's did.
From zero (China Beach) the twenty, and back.I didn't see RD (Randy Duncan), but I did see about twenty hikers.
Starting later than him, a was behind the guys that got off the West Coast Express bus from Victoria.
They were kind of reassuring, as, running solo, it's good to know that IF you were in trouble, someone would come across your sorry ass, sooner or later.
Almost eight hours passed in a flash, and once again the trail was muddy!
No major incidents, a deer sighting and a number of crabs scurrying over the rocks on Bear beach.
I hope RD made his goal today.
He wanted to do Sombrio Beach and back.
Lets hope the second soloist had a good "gig".
See you tomorrow on MD.

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