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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Full Monty 2008

This years version of the "legendary" Monty was the almost perfect sweep.
Six brave souls took on the challenge in the blistering heat.

Niel Isnor, from Stettler AB was wise to down grade, after the first loop, to the 1/2 Monty as he was nursing a knee issue,acquired in a recent race.(25K split 3:05:xx)
Everyone else made there commitment, and accomplished their goals.
The Full Monty was won by Rafael Albert in a great time of 5:35:XX, he lead from post to post, gamely pursued by Niel, till he dropped.
Daryl Suen from Kamloops BC continued the task of keeping Rafael honest. He is training for a multi day event in the Amazon, and ran the whole 50K with a pack big enough for me to sleep in!
He hung in for second place in a not too shabby time of 6:40:XX.
The third pace slot whent to a first time Ultra-gal, Melody MacMillan, my running partner for the last loop.
The ensemble was rounded off by my good buddy, Dave from Widby Island.Dave finished the second leg of his 25K with both his dogs, I minded the older, little dog, for the first leg and handed him off to his owner on the return leg.
Dave had to give up most of his water for the hounds and managed to do the 25K on 1/2 a litre of defizzed cola,and half a litre H2O.(3:33:xx)
Jack had a blast and was very happy with this years crop of athletes.(4:15:xx).

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