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Monday, November 10, 2008

Elk Beaver 2009

The 22nd. running from the Legendary Prairie Inn Harriers:-

The 22nd. running from the Legendary
Prairie Inn Harriers
Victoria's largest runners club
Elk/Beaver Ultramarathons 2009.
Saturday May 2nd.
Once again we will be offering over-distance runners a chance to see how swiftly they can cover these distances.
100 Kilometer ,50 Miles, 50 Kilometer & the 40K Ultrawalk.
This year I wish to inaugurate the running of a "First Timers Marathon"
For logistic reasons, (open trail use) this event will be limited to twenty runners.
Dear Runners,
This will be the early contact information site for the 2009 Elk Beaver Ultramarathons.
I will link this to the official site soon..
Feel free to comment.

1 comment:

Jeff Hunt said...

Right on brother. I think I'm in for the 50k this year, provided all my rehab going well.
Keep livin' the dream buddy.