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Saturday, January 24, 2009

A weighty issue...

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Running at the right weight is always going to be a good discussion topic.
Many people get into running in the first place to loose weight.
I have run longer and longer training runs to give me the endurance to survive Ultramarathons, and enjoy them.
My training has been very simple. Run 10 hours per week, EVERY week.
That is all.
The problem I have now is that now , being semi-retired, and working just the first three days of the week, I've been running most days to even out the load.

Unfortunately with this plan I am loosing weight as I'm not going out for long, I'm not taking fuel with me.The cold weather doesn't help as the trails are either blocked by fallen trees or knee deep in snow, forcing me to run local and short.
I think I'm going to have to rest and eat more and pack on some Lbs. for the Spring Ultra season, and try and carry that through till November when I will be running my next 100 miler in Arizona.
I'm hoping that the trails will open up a little more and I can get back up into the Highlands for some four and five hour "tours of duty".

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