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Sunday, August 09, 2009

My run to Duncan.(Al Howie)

Me and Al Howie

This week end while all you guys were "Storming", I was running up to Duncan from Victoria.

The main reason I went up there was to see my pal Al Howie.

Instead of staying in a Motel,I decided to take a Chariot BB-Jogger.

Once again I made a movie and I post you the link.

PLUS a very cool link to an article that a blogger did last year on the "legend"!

This is my movie of my visit with Al.

I hope he gets to see it.
I think he would approve.I gave him my too large CFA Navy Blue shirt.They really fit large.

I would have liked to get a picture of him wearing it.

I am a small guy.

This other link is an article that a Blogger did on Al.

See you at the Cap Canyon Night Run.

As always,click on image for full size

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