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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Gold River Bandits Run 2010

Cliff and I made the pilgrimage to Gold River to run the classic event.
Although we were the only runners yesterday, we still had most of the event feeling.
We tried to replicate all the same experiences that he and I have done the event almost as many times as the birthday girl.
After the first twenty minutes or so the day broke and the dawn chorus started. Cliff is a IRR friend who has done Ironman and has run twenty or more Marathons in the past twenty years or so, and has managed to travel the World for destnation events.
I was basically there as his second half pacer.
The hardest thing was keeping him steady for first 40K!
After that he was sure he would crash and burn.
This was what went down...
We missed the aide station volunteers, Cliff remembered the locations of all of them.
We on the other hand had a rolling Aide man.
Pawl,a great friend of his, rode up from Victoria on his KLR motocycle, camped at the start with us and spent all day riding the road with Cliff's food supply!
He also was good enough to ride back from the top of Head Bay hill, where he stashed our last stash, and rode all the way back to our basecamp THEN drove all the way back to see us finish!
Final paragraph,
Sub 8 for our joint finish.Tahsis is quiet for 364 days of the year most years, this year it was so quiet that the rec. center was not going to open till the afternoon. We went to the the Westview Marina for our shower and food.Very nice weather by Noon and three exhausted but exhilarated out of towners.
The only downside for me was that I managed to fritz yet another Nikon L18, but not before we finished our run.thank goodness for memory cards!

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