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Thursday, June 10, 2010

What happened to my "charmed life"?

Have you ever had a week when almost everything seems to go pair shaped?
This week started with the knowledge that I had physically broken my camera,fine, it had served me well and has been replaced three times by Nikon.So I knew that I was ready for a new image capture devise. The day before my days off my iPod touch decided to die on me...
I put it away and thought, "What the heck I need a camera and an iPod".Pay day was a couple of days ago so it didn't seem too bad. Thursday came around, the 'pod came back to life! (One plus...)
Got to the "XS Cargo" store and bought a 10MP digital camera.
Great, went for my regular Graeme run.New camera,working iPod,belly full of pork potatoes and carrots, well digested.
Started filming, then mid-run the new camera popped out of my fanny pack and I did not notice.
I remembered what I was filming last, and remembered when I went for it and it wasn't there!
I back tracked and then retraced my step before heading out for the G man.
He had had a little medical emergency and had gone for some tests and when I got to his place he was gone.
I ran home, re-searching the camera losing area..., no luck.
This evening I re-purchased the "bargain" camera and went to my yoga class.
Tomorrow is an other day.
Let's hope the iPod doesn't fail me and that I don't loose the camera.
I will not let this phase me.
Most problems can be solved by throwing money at them, but it never feels good...

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