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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The learning curve begins.
Yesterday I walked back from my physio appointment and decided that it was time for me to start running again.
So mid- afternoon, I snuck out and did a lap of the local park.
It felt good,with no more jarring than I would have experienced while hiking.
When you run you tend to bend the elbows and bring the hands closer to the chest than when you walk, thus offering greater stability to the upper body.Almost like wearing two slings.
That first run was about 3K, today I went out and ran 5.5K in 32 minutes.
Man it feels good to be hot and sweaty!
I drank a whole pint of water when I got home.
The only thing that might come back to bit me in the ass, was that Ms.J saw me as I was leaving for my run, she doesn't think I am ready for running yet!
I hope she is wrong.



Ha ha ! As a Physio myself, you make me laugh! By the time you get the OK to run, you would have probably already put on 30 miles! On a good note, it gave your back time to recover!! Just stay away from those crazyfun trails- you don't need a fall. Good luck in your recovery.

The Jackal said...

Thank Heather,I will take it easy and not run any technical or treacherous stuff for a while yet!